OnePlus Nord CE 5G IMEI Repair Using DFT Tool 2023 | Free Download



Repairing the IMEI of a device may void its warranty and can have legal implications. Proceed at your own risk.

How to repair IMEI?

Step 1: Download the DFT Tool

To begin the process, you need to download the DFT tool onto your OnePlus Nord CE 5G. You can find the tool by following the link provided: -
or Download Apk File For Access Diag Mode:- 

Step 2: Access EngineerMode

Once you have downloaded and installed the DFT tool on your device, you need to access the EngineerMode. To do this, enter the following code on your device's dialer:

Step 3: Enable Rndis and Diag Switch

After entering the code, your device's screen will display various options. Select "EngineerMode" and proceed to enable the "Rndis" and "diag switch" options. This step is crucial for activating the Diag port, which is necessary for the IMEI repair process.

Step 4: Open the DFT Tool

With the Diag port activated, open the DFT tool or any other supported tool that allows IMEI repair. In the tool, select the OnePlus method for repairing the IMEI.

Step 5: Repair IMEI

Follow the instructions provided within the tool and input the first and second IMEI numbers of your OnePlus Nord CE 5G. Once input your data, press the "Repair" button to start the IMEI repair process.

Step 6: Completion

After the repair process is complete, your OnePlus Nord CE 5G should display a confirmation message. The IMEI repair procedure is now finished, and you can restart your device to apply the changes.


Repairing the IMEI on your OnePlus Nord CE 5G can help resolve network connectivity issues and restore full functionality to your device. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions and comply with local laws before proceeding with any IMEI repair methods.