Combination File


What is Samsung Combination Files?

Samsung Android devices can only be updated with combination firmware. Combination files are service firmware files. Developers and engineers use combination files to test Samsung mobile hardware. Further, a mobile waterproof seal, speaker, sensor, and all hardware and software information has tested.

A combination file can also used to bypass or remove Factory Reset Protection, as well as Google Account protection. Moreover, This Combination Files can be Installed Through the Using Samsung Odin Flash Tool.

What is the advantage of Samsung Combination Files?

  • IMEI numbers can repaired on Samsung devices.
  • Very useful when removing Gmail accounts from Samsung devices.
  • Bypasses Google Accounts on most Samsung devices.
  • Downgrades firmware versions on Samsung devices.
  • Enables USB debugging on Samsung devices.
  • Disables FRP and reactivation protection on Samsung devices.

List of All Samsung Combination Files

Samsung Combination Files / Firmwares / Roms Database