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Software NameUnlockTool
File SizeOnly 150 MB
Release Date24 MAY 2023
File Hosted Bywww.FirmwareForest.Com
File Price100% Free File (NO PAID)
Windows CompatibleWindows 7/8/8.1/10 32 & 64 bit
Upload SourceGoogle Drive/MEGA

    Features OF UnlockTool 2023.05.23.1

    UnlockTool_2023.05.23.1, which provides a big upgrade that includes fresh features and bug fixes, has just been released, and we could not be more. This release's primary goals are to expand the range of supported devices and to improve the user interface. 

    Bug Fixes for Spreadtrum Devices:

    One of the notable bug fixes in this update addresses the BOOTING LOADER issue encountered during the handshake protocol with devices. We have resolved this problem, ensuring a smoother unlocking process for Spreadtrum-based devices.

    Factory Reset and FRP Erase for Nokia Spreadtrum:

    UnlockTool_2023.05.23.1 introduces factory reset and FRP erase capabilities for various Nokia Spreadtrum devices. The following models now have this functionality:

    • TA-1165 Nokia C1
    • TA-1204 Nokia C2
    • TA-1233 Nokia C2
    • TA-1239 Nokia C3
    • TA-1258 Nokia C3
    • TA-1292 Nokia C3
    • TA-1298 Nokia C3
    • TA-1306 Nokia C1 Plus
    • TA-1308 Nokia C1 Plus
    • TA-1309 Nokia C1 Plus
    • TA-1312 Nokia C1 Plus
    • TA-1314 Nokia C1 Plus
    • TA-1318 Nokia C1 Plus
    • TA-1320 Nokia C1 Plus
    • TA-1342 Nokia C10
    • TA-1339 Nokia C20
    • TA-1345 Nokia C30
    • TA-1348 Nokia C20
    • TA-1352 Nokia C20
    • TA-1356 Nokia C20
    • TA-1366 Nokia C20 Plus
    • TA-1357 Nokia C30
    • TA-1359 Nokia C30
    • TA-1360 Nokia C30
    • TA-1369 Nokia C30
    • TA-1377 Nokia C30
    • TA-1379 Nokia C01 Plus
    • TA-1382 Nokia C01 Plus
    • TA-1383 Nokia C01 Plus
    • TA-1387 Nokia C01 Plus
    • TA-1391 Nokia C01 Plus
    • TA-1396 Nokia C01 Plus
    • TA-1388 Nokia C20 Plus
    • TA-1457 Nokia T10
    • TA-1462 Nokia T10
    • TA-1503 Nokia T10
    • TA-1512 Nokia T10
    • TA-1472 Nokia T10
    • TA-1392 Nokia T20
    • TA-1394 Nokia T20
    • TA-1397 Nokia T20
    • TA-1495 Nokia T21
    • TA-1401 Nokia G11
    • TA-1404 Nokia G21
    • TA-1405 Nokia G21
    • TA-1477 Nokia G11
    • TA-1408 Nokia G11 Plus
    • TA-1429 Nokia G11 Plus
    • TA-1413 Nokia G11 Plus
    • TA-1421 Nokia G11 Plus
    • TA-1412 Nokia G21
    • TA-1415 Nokia G21
    • TA-1418 Nokia G21
    • TA-1466 Nokia C21
    • TA-1431 Nokia C21 Plus
    • TA-1433 Nokia C21 Plus
    • TA-1444 Nokia C21 Plus
    • TA-1424 Nokia C21 Plus
    • TA-1425 Nokia C21 Plus
    • TA-1426 Nokia C21 Plus
    • TA-1380 Nokia C1 2nd Edition
    • TA-1446 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
    • TA-1452 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
    • TA-1454 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
    • TA-1468 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
    • TA-1471 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
    • TA-1493 Nokia C31
    • TA-1497 Nokia C31
    • TA-1499 Nokia C31

    Factory Reset and FRP Erase for Realme Spreadtrum:

    UnlockTool_2023.05.23.1 also extends support for factory reset and FRP erase on Realme Spreadtrum devices. The following models are now included:

    • RMX3231 Realme C11 2021
    • RMX3235 Realme Narzo 50i
    • RMX3261 Realme C21Y
    • RMX3262 Realme C21Y
    • RMX3263 Realme C21Y
    • RMX3265 Realme C25Y
    • RMX3268 Realme C25Y
    • RMX3269 Realme C25Y
    • RMX3690 Realme C30s
    • RMX3501 Realme C31
    • RMX3503 Realme C31
    • RMX3506 Realme Narzo 50i Prime
    • RMX3516 Realme Narzo 50A Prime
    • RMX3516PU Realme Narzo 50A Prime
    • RMX3581 Realme C30
    • RMX3624 Realme C33
    • RMX3624BA Realme C33
    • RMX3624EU Realme C33
    • RMX3511 Realme C35
    • RMX3513 Realme C35

    Factory Reset and FRP Erase for Samsung Spreadtrum:

    UnlockTool_2023.05.23.1 adds factory reset and FRP erase support for Samsung Spreadtrum devices. The following models can now benefit from these features:

    • Samsung SM-A032F Galaxy A03 Core
    • Samsung SM-A032M Galaxy A03 Core
    • Samsung SM-A035F Galaxy A03 (U1 U2 U3)
    • Samsung SM-A035G Galaxy A03 (U1 U2 U3)
    • Samsung SM-A035M Galaxy A03 (U1 U2 U3)
    • Samsung SM-T509 Galaxy Tab A7 10.4
    • Samsung SM-X200 Galaxy Tab A8 2021
    • Samsung SM-X205 Galaxy Tab A8 2021
    • Samsung SM-X205C Galaxy Tab A8 2021
    • Samsung SM-X205N Galaxy Tab A8 2021

    Factory Reset and FRP Erase for Tecno SPD:

    UnlockTool_2023.05.23.1 introduces factory reset and FRP erase functionality for Tecno SPD devices. The following models are now supported:

    • Tecno Pop 4 BC2c
    • Tecno Pop 5 BD2, BD2p
    • Tecno Pop 5 Go BD1
    • Tecno Pop 5 LTE BD4

    Factory Reset and FRP Erase for Itel SPD:

    UnlockTool_2023.05.23.1 expands support for factory reset and FRP erase on Itel SPD devices. The following models can now be unlocked:

    • Itel Vision 1 L6005
    • Itel Vision 1 Plus L6501
    • Itel Vision 2 L6503
    • Itel Vision 2S P651L
    • Itel A14 Plus W4002, W4002P
    • Itel A26 A571L, A571LK, A571LL, A571LS
    • Itel A33 Plus A509W, A509WM, A509WP
    • Itel A35 W5002
    • Itel A37 A571W, A571WM
    • Itel P37 P651W
    • Itel Vision 1 Pro L6502, L6502S
    • Itel Vision 2 Plus P681L, P681LM
    • Itel A27 A551L, A551LR
    • Itel A49 A661L
    • Itel A58 A661W
    • Itel A58 Pro A661WP
    • Itel S17 S661W
    • Itel AC13 W4001, W4001O, W4001P, W4001Z
    • Itel AC32 W5004
    • Itel AC33 W5004D, W5004V
    • Itel A17 W5006S, W5006X
    • Itel Prime Tab 1 W7002, W7002P
    • Itel S18 S663L
    • Itel Vision 5 S663LC
    • Itel Vision 3 S661L, S661LN, S661LO, S661LP, S661LPN
    • Itel Vision 3 Plus P682L, P682LP, P682LPN
    • Itel S18 Pro S662L
    • Itel Vision 5 Plus S662LC, S662LCN
    • Itel A18 A512W, A512WS
    • Itel A23S A511LQ
    • Itel A24 A507LM, A507LN, A507LS, L5007, L5007O
    • Itel A24 Pro A511LP2
    • Itel V51 LTE A507LP, L5007S
    • Itel A57 A611W, A611WP
    • Itel A49 Play A631L
    • Itel A58 Lite A631W, A631W2
    • Itel Pad 1 P10001L
    • Itel P17 P551W
    • Itel P17 Pro P552W

    Factory Reset and FRP Erase for ZTE Spreadtrum:

    UnlockTool_2023.05.23.1 brings factory reset and FRP erase support for ZTE Spreadtrum devices. The following models are now compatible:

    • ZTE Blade A5 Pro P731A20
    • ZTE Blade Q3 P731A30
    • ZTE Blade L110 P731A50
    • ZTE Blade L111 P731A70
    • ZTE Blade L7 P731F10
    • ZTE Blade L7A P731F12
    • ZTE Blade L8 P731F20
    • ZTE Blade L9 P731F21
    • ZTE Blade L130 P731F30
    • ZTE Blade L210 P731F50
    • ZTE Blade A531 P932F10
    • ZTE Blade A3 Lite P932F20
    • ZTE Blade A31 Lite P932F21
    • ZTE Blade A3 2020 P932F50
    • ZTE Blade V10 Vita P963F01
    • ZTE Blade A7 2019 P963F02
    • ZTE Blade A7s 2020 P963F03
    • ZTE Blade V2020 P963F05
    • ZTE Blade A5 2020 P963F50
    • ZTE Blade A52 Lite P963F51
    • ZTE Blade A51 P963F60
    • ZTE Blade A51 Lite P963F60V
    • ZTE Blade A52 P963F61
    • ZTE Blade A31 P963F70
    • ZTE Blade A3 2019 P963F80
    • ZTE Blade A61 P963F81
    • ZTE Blade A7 Prime P963F82
    • ZTE Blade A5 Prime P963F83
    • ZTE Blade L8 Lite P963F84
    • ZTE Blade A55 P963F90
    • ZTE Blade A7s 2021 P963F91
    • ZTE Blade A7 2021 P963F92
    • ZTE Blade A31 2021 P963F93
    • ZTE Blade A5 2021 P963F94
    • ZTE Blade A3 2021 P963F95
    • ZTE Blade V21 P963F96
    • ZTE Blade V21 Vita P963F97
    • ZTE Blade A51 5G P963F98
    • ZTE Blade A71 P963F99

    Improvements and Optimizations:

    Aside from the expanded device support, UnlockTool_2023.05.23.1 brings several improvements and optimizations to enhance the overall user experience. These include:

    • Enhanced device recognition algorithms for better compatibility and identification.
    • A streamlined user interface for smoother navigation and easier operation.
    • Improved stability and performance to ensure a reliable unlocking process.

    How To Use?

    1. First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
    2. Next, you can unzip all files at c: drive (important)
    3. Ensure you have disabled the antivirus before running the installation
    4. Next, open the folder and install the setup file with some basic instruction
    5. Run the "UnlockTool 2023.05.23.1"
    6. Next, you can install all drivers if you already installed skip this step
    7. Connect the phone and try to do any function
    8. Enjoy !!!


    Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

    Take a Backup: If you are willing to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Flashing any Firmware or recovery may brick the device.

    Credits: UnlockTool 2023.05.23.1 is created and distributed by the developer. So, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

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